Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Photo To Pencil Sketch Software

Photo To Pencil Sketch Software Biography

Don’t hate; Emulate! Priceless :) I’ve always wanted to create an app, but I didn’t know where to start since I rarely use any and the ones I wanted to use weren’t made yet, which was pointed out as a bad sign, though I guess with the right marketing you can sell anything :)

My idea was to make an App called What Were You Thinking? So basically, you’d have a color coded body front view and back view for the 5 Chinese elements Fire, Earth, Metal Water, Wood (Red, Yellow, Grey, Blue, Green) All the elements correspond to a particular body part and emotion so if a person has an injury say to his left ankle you could tap that part and an analysis of what the person was thinking. With ankles it’s a major life decision in this case probably in regards to getting married since left relates to feminine said usually mother, sister, wife or gf. Pains in the butt relate to the fire element, so the person might be experiencing sadness or pathologically, depression. I kind of thought the free version would be “How Do You Really Feel?” because that would relate to the emotions of the 5 elements and “What Were You Thinking?” goes into that a bit deeper, because it relies more on the various meridians flowing through the joint.
I would love to post a picture but an association I belong to owns the one I’d like to use. I probably could sell it back to the community in app form, as long as the administration got their cut :)
As for marketing whenever I give presentations about body psychology people always ask me about the colored coded chart I have and if they can buy one, which I call Chinese Medicine for Dummies. It’s the most amazing thing on planet imo and I would just like it to be a bit more accessible to people. Once they know what the hell they were thinking and can resolve that issue they can heal much faster because they know where to place the attention.

-Image viewer: Photo to Sketch can be used to check pictures. Otherwise it can substitute Office application since it gives the same tool. Each pixel is remarkably represented by the software.

-Edition: you may think that the picture is beautiful. Once the application modifies it, you will find it much better. It looks as if an artist had painted and gave it amazing effects by only using pencils and brush. If you check the picture bellow, you will notice that nothing changes but everything.

-Styles: To enhance the particularity of the picture, the application allows you to use 20 effects on your photos, such as Vintage Photo, Cartoon, Pen and Ink Sketch, Painting, mixed effects, etc. You only have to refer to the topic of the picture.

-Multilanguage: the software version is translated in 18 of the most spoken languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. It also presents an intuitive visual interface that eases its handling.

System requirements:

-Memory: 256 MB.

-Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7

-Processor: Pentium 200 MHz

-Hard drive: 11 Mo of available disk space.

Pros :

-The application is totally free.

-It is composed of wonderful painting styles.

-The software is very easy to use.

Cons :

-No comment.

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