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Photo Pencil Sketch

Photo Pencil Sketch Biography

 Brittany Ramming-Ezell recently married and now resides in Harrison, AR with her husband. Brittany has been drawing since she was very young. Born into an artistic family, she has creativity in her blood.

Brittany can create a graphite portrait from any photograph. Pencil sketch portraits make enduring heirlooms to be handed down through generations. Sketches can be of one or more people or even a beloved pet. A professional sketch from a portrait artist makes a wonderfully unique gift for all occasions. Sketches are on high quality acid free artist paper. Standard size paper is used to help reduce costs of framing.

Brittany has her own flair as far as recreating photographs. She can make the dullest pictures spring to life. From retro to antique to even grunge, whatever your tastes, you can now show it off through her customized photo editing. Brittany has done work for many of the Branson entertainers. She has also worked with web design company.
Italian artist Franco Clun uses only pencil and paper to create these incredibly realistic portraits that can easily be mistaken for photographs. Believe it or not, he’s a self-taught drawing master who has never studied art…

I’ve always found hyperrealism fascinating, and the collection of articles on this amazing art genre that I’ve posted on Oddity Central throughout the years is proof of that. I never get tired of looking at drawings and paintings so masterfully executed that they resemble high-resolution photos, and I consider myself lucky whenever I discover the works of truly gifted artists, like Franco Clun. The Italian-born master of the pencil says he has never taken art classes and that everything he knows he learned from experience and from reading some drawing manuals. I guess you can say he’s living proof that practice makes perfect, and that following your passions in life can truly lead to amazing things. Although he has had to take a long break from drawing to dedicate himself to other things, his love for graphite remained strong, and now he’s wielding his trusty pencils again to create marvelous works of art.

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