Monday, 19 August 2013

Pencil Sketches Of Jesus

Pencil Sketches Of Jesus Biography


Jesus Christ may be drawn with little difficulty. The pencil, especially charcoal pencil makes a nice contrast on good quality white paper. The familiar crucifixion figure, head bowed and face barely seen is not so difficult even for a beginning artist.
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Q&A Related to "How to Draw Jesus Christ?"
  how to draw jesus christ?
1. Draw the shape of the body first. The body is similar to an elongated rectangle. Place this rectangle in the center and lower portion of your paper. Make this rectangle long enough
  Who demanded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?
Generally, the crowd before Pontius Pilate, led by the Pharisees and elements of the Sanhedrin.
  Where was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ located?
Calvary, or Golgotha.
  Who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?
There would have been many witnesses. Two thieves were also crucified with Jesus and so their families and friends would also have been there. The Roman soldiers who performed and
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